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When Buying, When Is The Right Time to Make The Offer?

Mr. & Mrs. Buyer Lets Talk About the Right Time to Make an Offer...

In today's news they talk a lot about the economy, how people are not spending, house sales, etc... One of the things that home buyers hear SO often is that it is a “buyers market”.  Well it is a buyers market but that means a lot of different things in different areas...

I want to talk about what that means here in Fayetteville NC.  When you are looking for a home for sale you already know what it is that you are wanting in a home.  We all know that most of the time that there are at least a few things that you are willing to compromise on and things that you HAVE to have.
I want to shift gears here for just a moment and put this into terms that might make you think a little more like I want you to before we continue.  If your child just had to have a certain toy for Christmas and it was sold out all over town but you finally found just what you were looking for would you buy it or would you wait to see if you could get a better deal on it IF you could find it at another store?  A gamble that you would be willing to take?

Back to the house.... In Fayetteville NC the prices of home DID NOT increase dramatically like they did in a lot of places around the US a few years ago.  So when the bubble popped a house prices plummeted Fayetteville NC was not effected like other places.  So you may hear that in Las Vegas Nevada that homes are selling 50,000 to 100,000 less then they did a few years back that is NOT what you will find when purchasing a home here in Fayetteville NC.  Our decrease might be a few thousand dollars if even that... In some areas, because our home prices were so stable, homes have continued to gain in value.  

I know, I hear it all the time, Zillow (and others like them) says that home is only worth ???  Well if you read the fine print you will see what they say their spread of error is. In which case I would look to my area specialist, your REALTOR, Melissa McKinney, to get the facts.  Homes are still selling in Fayetteville every day and if you are looking for that type of home then someone else is looking also.

So, when do you want to make an offer? When you have found the home that meets all your “have to haves” and some of your “would be nice to have”.  Don't wait because someone will get your dream home and you will always be upset that you didn't make an offer when you should have.  I have seen it many times..... In the end my job and what I work hard to achieve is your happiness in a home that you love, I take that task VERY seriously!  

Visit my web site, www.FayettevilleNcHomeFinder.com and start your search today!  We are going to make a GREAT team!!

Posted: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 12:03 AM by Melissa McKinney


Warner Robins Real Estate said:

It's always best to contact a qualified Realtor when beginning the home buying process.  He/She can dispell myths and provide logical advice backed by facts.  Waiting for the "right time" in today's market means you probably just missed it.  

# February 6, 2011 8:06 AM
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